David Bradnum travelled to some of the remotest regions of Africa, recording the sounds of rituals and ceremonies normally held in secret, meeting peoples who had rarely had contact with the western world. He then recorded rituals and ceremonies in the wildernesses of Africa. His journey took him from 15,000ft mountains of Southern Ethiopia and the Valley of the Surma, to the sacred forests on the Senegal borders, from the Peul bluesmen and nomads of the Sahel, to the erotic Swahili love songs of the Indian Ocean. His African music scores and tracks have been heard in feature films, TV, Radio Brooklyn Museum of Art Passages Exhibition, African Ceremonies Book and CD (Beckwith Fisher) and his own acclaimed BBC Radio Programmes called African Journey, a four part radio series for BBC Radio 3.


Some of these recordings stretch back to the early 1990’s. Since that time over half of the ceremonies and rituals I recorded have been forgotten and many of the instruments lie silent because no one knows how to play them anymore.





Wodaabe clapping

Songs for Forgotten Ancestors

African Twilight

Muri Duet



Tracks from African Ceremonies CD.

Installation ‘Passages’ exhibition Brooklyn Museum of Art 2001,

‘African Twilight’ Bowers Museum LA 2018.

Other tracks will  appear on  Soundcloud shortly.