David Bradnum guitarist, composer was born in London of Russian, French parents. Father: theatre director, writer; mother: actress, writer. He read English at the universities of Newcastle and Uppsala. He started his professional career playing in Sweden and UK.


Then lived and and toured in the USA playing guitar "Tommy Tour", "Meatloaf/Steinman", New York clubs and sessions.

Met and spent many enjoyable times with Salvador and Gala Dali, who gave him a gold guitar.


Drawn to darker and more unsettling music he found himself attracted to the edginess of Flamenco and ritualistic African music - strands which found expression in his compositions and playing.


He then recorded rituals and ceremonies in the wildernesses of Africa. His journey took him from 15,000ft mountains of Southern Ethiopia and the Valley of the Surma, to the Sacred Forests on the Senegal borders, from the Peul bluesmen and nomads of the Sahel, to the erotic Swahili love songs of the Indian Ocean. In the remotest region of Africa, he built a grass studio high on a hill surrounded by armed tribesman, their task to keep drunks and singing dogs away – the only rule "leave guns outside".

He then started composing for Film (full-score and soundtracks). Among recent works "The Expendables", "Exorcist the Beginning", see Film TV and  media for more details, TV  and his own acclaimed Radio series "An African Journey".


CD collaborations with Tim Wheater (Eurythmics) and Bob Weston (Fleetwood Mac) followed.


The material he recorded in Africa has been turned into tracks for CDs, films, radio (his own series), museum installations and CDs for Passages Exhibition Brooklyn Museum of Art and African Ceremonies Book and CD (Beckwith Fisher). See David in Africa.


Talks at London Cork Street art gallery, "Africa the Mother of all Music".


Currently working on mixes on longterm Pyschopomp project. South American film mixes in the can.

Planning musical journey from Northern Scandinavia to Southern Italy.

Spending time working on new material in his studio.


See Film / TV / Media / Installation for full list.

David Bradnum © 2014.  African images © Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher